My Minimalist Wardrobe (the details)

minimalist wardrobe why

Now that I’ve scaled down my wardrobe I have a new approach to clothes shopping. I learned about my body type, took note of the styles I like most and committed to having a minimalist wardrobe.

A minimalist wardrobe is exactly what it sounds like.  It means that I intentionally limit the number of items in my closet.

A minimalist wardrobe isn’t just about having fewer items. It’s about buying meaningful items, not worrying about “what’s in style” and being able to avoid impulse buys.

This whole idea was so new to me. I learned about it after watching this video on “The Ten-Item Wardrobe” by Jennifer L. Scott.  (link to video here)

Although I knew I needed more than 10 items in my wardrobe, this idea got me thinking that I too can have a simpler wardrobe.  It kind of reminded me of the girl who wore a work uniform.  I loved that idea, and here was a “more normal” way to implement it.

Soon after, I came across another video called “How to pack 72 Outfits into Carry on Luggage” by Imogen Lamport. I loved this video so much that I went to Imogen’s website and found some pearls of wisdom there.  (link to video here)

At Imogen’s blog, I read some articles about body shapes. Learning more about my body helped me:

  1. Be more at ease with my imperfections
  2. Realize that most of the items I purged were really not right for my body type and that’s why I never liked how they looked on me.
  3. Explain why there were always some pieces of clothing I naturally gravitated to.

It was like a lightbulb went off!

Knowing my body shape and the types of clothing I preferred to wear allowed me to really embrace the idea of having a minimal wardrobe.

Once I was committed, I noticed that there were many benefits to having a simple wardrobe.

  • I feel good in what I wear and I always like what I’m wearing
  • I save time in the morning, because there isn’t that much to choose from
  • I can save money on clothing by only buying items that look good and make me feel good
  • I have less clutter in my closet
  • It’s easier and faster to find things and put them away

I know that this approach isn’t for everyone. Some people need a lot of clothing. Others just love to shop. I think this works for me because I do not enjoy shopping. Now when I shop I don’t even try things on that are the wrong shape or color. It saves me so much time and aggravation.

Since this is working for me now, I wanted to be sure to share this approach with all of you. Maybe it’ll inspire you… or at the very least prevent you from judging me when you see me wearing the same outfit 2 weeks in a row!

Until next time,