No-Fold Laundry System – Would You Dare?


Lately I’ve been posting a lot about clothing (see posts on my closet purge and my minimalist wardrobe). In the spirit of talking all things clothing, I wanted to provide you with a follow-up to my no-fold laundry system (it’s been 1.5 year since I posted about it!).

I will start off by telling you that no-fold is the way to go. I am usually on top of my laundry since it’s so quick to put away. My kids see how easy it is and are usually willing to help out. They know where everything belongs and they can choose to fold their shirts/pants if they want to.

I’m not anti-folding. In fact, I love a super neat and organized closet just like the next person. I just don’t want to spend the majority of my time maintaining my closet. But don’t worry. We do have items that always get folded – towels, Shabbos clothing and nicer shirts. We’re not total slobs!

Perhaps as my kids get older and they will be responsible for their own laundry things will change. For now, we just don’t encourage people to open our drawers.

With my no-fold laundry system everything is put in its proper place. Our mornings run so much more smoothly. I do not have to fish out everyone’s clothes from multiple baskets, which leaves me more time to get myself ready in the morning.

No-fold laundry systems aren’t for everyone. I’m sure this post is making some of you cringe as you’re reading this.

What this has taught me is that it’s ok for me to prioritize in a way that is good for me. I don’t need everything perfectly put away, but I do need my kids to get themselves dressed quickly every morning.

The time I spend putting laundry away is quality time with my kids. They are learning that they have to pitch in with chores and they do practice folding their clothes. They can do that if they want, but mommy can’t always do everything for them.

Working full time is a balancing act. I don’t want to tip the scale in favor of housework at the expense of quality time, teaching life lessons and looking at the big picture.

In the end, the people who judge me for not folding laundry can do just that. I’m happy with what I’ve chosen to do and not do.  Family time comes first and we will all survive having unfolded laundry, wrinkles and all.

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