Start the School Year Right! Getting Back into a Routine

back to school routine

Today is my kids first day of school! Yay! Summer has been great, but the lack of routine has me bothered enough to be done with it.

My kids have spent the past two weeks since camp ended without a lot of structure. They went on a lot of fun day trips, ate a lot of ice cream and watched a lot of movies. They went to bed late each night and were able to do whatever they wanted each morning before getting dressed and eating breakfast.

They were living the life! But even with all the free time they had they would occasionally ask when school was starting. They were looking forward to some sort of structure, seeing their friends every day and not having the time to even consider being bored.

And finally, that time has arrived! I spent the weekend sharpening pencils, labeling school supplies and packing knapsacks.

Now that my kids are finally going to be in a routine it’s time for me to get my act together and enforce a routine for myself! Dinner doesn’t cook itself, laundry doesn’t wash itself and well, basically, nothing at all will happen if I don’t plan ahead!

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How are you getting back into a routine for school?

Until next time,