Don’t Judge Me Because I’m a Mom!

stop judging

It’s so easy to judge others. In my first corporate job, I worked next to a young girl with a son. She must’ve been 25 years old. She always took off from work, left unexpectedly and I didn’t understand why she just couldn’t get her act together.

Wow, how my life has changed! I am now that person. I’m sure everyone around me is thinking the same about me as I thought about my co-worker.

Now that I’m in her shoes I completely understand. Not a week goes by where I don’t have something family related to attend to. It’s rare when I work a complete week as expected.

No matter how good my childcare arrangements are or how well I plan for the unexpected it just never seems like it’s enough.

And when the unexpected unexpectedly happens, what choice do I have? My kids come first. When they need me I’m there for them.

Whether it’s leaving work early or dropping off of important conference calls, I do it without worrying (too much) about the consequences. Will I miss out on an awesome opportunity because I left early? Maybe. Will I not be considered for promotion? Possibly. But when I think about it, I don’t worry.

Hashem has my back and I know I made the right choices.

So let’s do each other a favor and stop judging. I know that’s how I’d like to be treated. How about you?

Until next time,