8 Great Gifts for Working Moms

Chanuka is here! What better time is there to treat yourself to something frivolous? A reward for being a hard-working mom, if you will?

We all go through times in our career where we’re tired, unmotivated or just plain don’t want to be there, so I’ve come up with a short list of items (specifically 8, you know, one for each day of Chanuka) that will make being at work just a bit brighter.

(1) Floral Notebooks with Gold Pens

Perfect to jot down notes at home or in the office.  This pack actually comes with two, so you can have one for each!

Buy it at Staples, $5.99

(2) Pink Earbuds

I don’t often travel with ear phones, but seem to use mine quite often.  Specifically, for conference calls at home, training and music at work and watching YouTube at night.  There are so many times I feel like I could use an extra pair.  Since I live with all boys, I especially appreciate all things pink.  What better way to mark them as my own?

Buy it on Amazon.com, $9.99

(3) High Heel Cell Phone Holder

When I’m working at home I like to prop up my cell phone on my desk.  Makes it easy to check what’s going on, dial co-workers or listen to music.

Buy it on Ebay.com, $1.86

(4) Cherry Blossom Hand lotion

I don’t know about you, but the hand soap in my office dries out my hands terribly.  Having a sweet-smelling lotion nearby makes me feel like I’m working at a spa.

Buy it at L’Occitane, $12

(5) Leather Work Bag

I saw this company featured on a YouTube video and loved how simple, yet professional all of their bags looked.  This one was my favorite, but they have tons of designs and colors to choose from.

Buy it at Madewell.com, $188

(6) Pink and Gold Mousepad

I saw this while I was aimlessly perusing Target.  Clearly, I was without children.  I just loved how feminine it looked and I instantly imagined it on my home desk.

Buy it at Target, $5.99

(7) Post-it Vertical Desktop Organizer

Now that I’ve embraced a more minimalistic lifestyle, I’m all into multi-purpose things that don’t take up a lot of space.  I love the vertical design of this organizer!

Buy it on Shoplet.com, $25.99

(8) Retractable Multi-Purpose Makeup Brush

Even with an easy morning makeup routine, I still can’t find the time to pretty myself up for the day.  A small retractable makeup brush is easy to travel with and can help freshen you up throughout the day.

Buy it at Target, $6.99

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Wishing you all a freilichen Chanuka!

Until next time,