What’s In My Bag

I love when bloggers post pictures of what is in their purses. It’s either that I’m nosy or just plain curious. Since I like those types of posts I thought you may enjoy it too… so today I will take you through my work bag (aka my knapsack).

Since I have a long commute that includes taking 4 trains each way and I try to bring my lunch to work, I figured that a knapsack was the most practical type of bag to have.  It’s not pretty, but it works!

So, without further ado, here’s what’s in it:

  1. umbrella
  2. personal care bag
  3. card holder- perfect for my train pass and work ID
  4. $5 ear phones
  5. tissues
  6. car keys
  7. half empty (or half full) water bottle- just enough to quench a thirst, but not too heavy to carry around
  8. Aquafor- great for dry lips/skin
  9. lipstick
  10. pen
  11. phone charger
  12. keys to my laptop cable at work

not pictured:  laptop, wallet

Over time I’ve tried to limit what I carry in my bag, but, it’s just not always possible.  For example, my umbrella.  I normally wouldn’t need one, but as it happens, when I take it out of my bag for sunny days, I always forget to put it back in for the rainy ones.  So, now I just always have my umbrella- just in case!

What are your work bag essentials?

Until next time,