Embracing Career Change

For a while now I thought we had created some sense of balance in our lives. DH was working close to home and was able to help with school drop off. He also came home by 7-7:30pm and was available to help with homework and bedtime pretty often.

I knew how good I had it. It was amazing that I had help around the house even after our babysitter left.

And now? Things are about to change.

Opportunity knocked and now DH is back to commuting. B”h he found a new job with more growth opportunities. I am so happy for him and completely support him in this career move. Not because I want our lives to be more crazy, but because him feeling fulfilled in his career is important to me. We spend so much of our time at work, shouldn’t we love what we do?

So really what all of this means is that our schedule will go back to being hectic. Our kids will have two commuting parents who need to catch the train in the morning. I know they may not notice much of a difference, but I surely will.

So I’m preparing myself for this change. We may need to have our groceries delivered or eat more takeout. We will have to revamp our morning and evening routines and be more mindful of how we spend our weekends.

But all of this is worth it and I will try my best to embrace it when times get tough. Wish us luck!

Until next time,