New Job – My 2 Biggest Challenges

I recently left a job I had been in for many years.  I knew the people, the culture, the systems and had become a go-to person in my department.

So while I am well qualified for my new role, the transition isn’t as seamless as I want it to be.  It’s hard being the new person!!  It’s not easy going from knowing everything to knowing absolutely nothing.  It’s like being a in a foreign country and not knowing the language.

Challenge #1:  Shavuos

The first hump I had to get over was Shavuos- taking off during my first month there.

I told my boss about these days off before I started and in reality, it’s not a big deal.  Many people start a new job with already scheduled vacations.

So, while it may have seemed like an odd two days to take off (especially since we didn’t have work the Monday before for Memorial Day), I still feel a bit guilty about taking off as the new person.  I think that deep down I was fearful that this would leave a bad impression with my co-workers, who now know that my vacation/holidays are not negotiable.  So much for showing them how flexible I am 😕 .

Challenge #2:  New Work Schedule = Less Flexibility

Another major change we are all still getting used to is my new work schedule.

Right now I’m still in the training phase.  I know what my department does, but they use all new-to-me systems that I have to learn.  So, for the past few weeks I’ve been coming into the office every single day for training.

My kids constantly remind me that they wish I was working from home as much as I used to.  They liked seeing me as soon as they walked in the door.  #mom-guilt.

I know that as time goes on, things will get better.  Until then, I will just learn as fast as I can, love my kids and remember why I made this change in the first place.

Even with all the craziness in my life, taking on a new job was what I needed to do and I will make it work!

Until next time,