Chicken Crock-Pot Recipes: My Review

Now that it’s almost the end of September and I’ve just about used up most of the chicken from my last KOAMC day I thought I’d share my opinion.

Two of the recipes I made were crock-pot chicken recipes that I’ve never tried before. In fact, I’ve never made any chicken in the crock-pot before, although I’m totally in love with the idea.  The recipes got good reviews and I’ve even seen them on more than one site, so I figured that if everyone else loved them, we’d love them too… 

I was wrong.  We didn’t love them like everyone else did.  Bottom line is that crock-pot chicken is not so much my thing.

To me, the chicken, no matter which recipe, was too dry for me to enjoy. The sauces were too watery straight from the crock-pot and didn’t taste much better with rice.

The chicken didn’t go to waste, but I don’t think I’ll be trying many more crock-pot recipes in the future, which is a huge shame, because they were so easy to prepare.

So, for all of you that do the crock-pot thing… what did I do wrong?? Is this a taste that needs to be acquired?

Until next time,

  • how long did you cook them for? I think it is hard to get good tasting chicken if you leave them cooking overnight (like friday night-saturday). if you were doing weekday cooking it should have worked!

    • I cooked it during the day for 6-8 hours and we ate it for Friday night dinner. I made sure to time it correctly so it wouldn’t cook for longer than that… maybe I just don’t like chicken cutlets that much? Could have been the recipes I tried? It probably would’ve tasted better if I used chicken on the bone, but let’s face it- cutlets are a million times easier!

  • Don’t use chicken cutlets. Use bone-in chicken instead. I made yummy chicken in it before, though it is easy for it to get dry.

    • Thanks! I guess if I want to cook chicken while I’m not at home I can see how the crock-pot is helpful, but for a meal that I’m home to cook, I might as well just make it in the oven.

  • I usually do a whole bunch of chicken pieces with bones in broth, and then shred and serve with a sauce. That way it’s not watery, and you can do it for a long time without it drying off. The meat falls off the bones. You can also use the meat for things like shepherd’s pie, and even strain and dilute the broth for chicken soup.

    You could also choose another recipe that uses the liquid, like some chicken chili or chicken enchilada filling (I tried both over Sukkot – you can find the links to recipes there).

    I make chicken in the crockpot a lot!

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