Chicken Crock-Pot Recipes: My Review

Now that it’s almost the end of September and I’ve just about used up most of the chicken from my last KOAMC day I thought I’d share my opinion.

Two of the recipes I made were crock-pot chicken recipes that I’ve never tried before. In fact, I’ve never made any chicken in the crock-pot before, although I’m totally in love with the idea.  The recipes got good reviews and I’ve even seen them on more than one site, so I figured that if everyone else loved them, we’d love them too… 

I was wrong.  We didn’t love them like everyone else did.  Bottom line is that crock-pot chicken is not so much my thing.

To me, the chicken, no matter which recipe, was too dry for me to enjoy. The sauces were too watery straight from the crock-pot and didn’t taste much better with rice.

The chicken didn’t go to waste, but I don’t think I’ll be trying many more crock-pot recipes in the future, which is a huge shame, because they were so easy to prepare.

So, for all of you that do the crock-pot thing… what did I do wrong?? Is this a taste that needs to be acquired?

Until next time,