KOAMC: General Recipe Sites

After getting together with some old friends a few weeks ago, the ones who read this blog commented that they really liked the freezer cooking ideas I post.  I’m not much of a cook and don’t usually make my own recipes, but I do a lot of research on freezable recipes and decided that I should do a series of posts on KOAMC Resources, so you can all benefit from the research I’ve already done.

So, since this is the first in the series, I figured I’d start off with some of my favorite freezer cooking websites!  Each site features recipes (not all Kosher, so be warned), tips, how-to’s and some overall great ideas when it comes to preparing food in advance.

These are the top sites I check when I need info:

Another way I started finding recipes is through doing a regular internet search using terms like “freezer cooking”, “once a month cooking”, and “batch cooking”.  It’s amazing how many blogs and websites there are that feature freezable recipes.

Sometimes I’ll do a search for a regular recipe and then determine whether or not it can be frozen.  If you’re  unsure if a recipe is “freezable” then you can always make it once, freeze a small portion and if it tastes good when you defrost it, then add it to your repertoire.

The most recent way I found some new freezer cooking blogs is through Pinterest.  I tried staying away from Pinterest for the longest time- I really didn’t need another addictive time-waster, but in the end I couldn’t resist.  I use Pinterest the same way I use a regular internet search, but since I love searching in pictures, I thought this was pretty cool.

Do you have any good resources to add to my list?

Until next time,