Flex Time for Working Women

100bestA while back I found a free subscription to Working Mother magazine.  I totally forgot about it until it arrived in my mailbox last week and it was the 2013 Working Mother 100 Best Companies.  While reading it I was surprised to see how many companies offer flexible work arrangements and how many employees take advantage of it.

Flex-time is such an amazing benefit.  I’m one of those lucky ones that takes advantage of it when I need to.  I didn’t have to worry about missing my son’s Chanuka performance or not being able to pick up my children when my afternoon babysitter is on vacation.

Flex-time is so cherished that the people at WorkingMother.com even named October 15th National Flex Day.


I missed October 15th, but why not celebrate National Flex Day now?

The research shows that flex time benefits both employees and employers:


Who can argue with an infograph?

Do you take advantage of flex time?  How has it benefited you?

Until next time,