Erev Shabbos Checklist (Kid Version)

DS1 comes home from school at around 2pm every Friday afternoon.  I figured that at 4 years old, he can really help me with a lot of Shabbos prep.  Only problem was that he really didn’t want to… guess chores don’t sound fun to him.

So to make chores more fun, I made him a colorful Erev Shabbos checklist.


Since he can’t read yet, I also included pictures so he can look at the list himself.  At this point my expectations are low, since he is only 4 years old, but I think this is a good way to teach him some new things- like how to wash the floor.

It might sound silly, but ever since I gave him this checklist, he is so proud of it!  He shows it to all of our guests and is excited to do most of the items on the list.  I realize that he won’t be excited to do everything, but anything he can do is one less thing for me to do!

I know that my checklist might not be that useful to you, but in case you want a copy, here it is:  Erev Shabbos Checklist

Until next time,