Imagine If… (Book Review)


Recently, Artscroll contacted me to review some of their new kids books.  I gladly accepted and am here today to tell you about one of their great new books.


The Review

Over the years we’ve read our fair share of “One Fish, Two Fish,” so as I began reading “Imagine if…”  by Rabbi Zeegel, DS1 (age 5) was really engaged.  His face lit up as soon as I read the word “Hashem” and he excitedly asked if this was a Jewish book.  Guess he’s looking forward to sharing a new book with his class…

Favorite Part

Rabbi Zeegel is literally the Jewish Dr. Seuss.  One of my favorite lines in the books is:

“Imagine a Jouse would eat up your house

Or the house of your friend, Sir Benjy J. Crouse.”

Maybe it’s my favorite because my nephew’s name is Benjy?  Don’t know, but for some reason this line always makes me smile.

Lesson Learned

The message in the book is clear:  We have to thank Hashem for creating a perfect world for all of us to live in.  I think this is the first book we have with that message, so I’m glad to have this book as part of our home library.

I will point out that if you are not a Dr. Seuss fan and do not like silly rhymes, then this book is not for you.


I cannot complete this review without a special shout-out to the illustrator, Darrell Mordecai.  Through the use of super fun, exaggerated graphics, he really helped bring the story to life.  They are Dr. Suess esque and make the book really fun to read.  DS2 (age 3) doesn’t have the patience to listen to such long books, but was able to sit and look at all the detailed pictures while I read.

In Conclusion

This book is the perfect gift for any pre-school age child (and their parents).  Rhyming always makes books more fun to read!  And I think DS1 summed it up best when he said, “This book is so funny!  I love it!”

Until next time,