I Hate Snow Days

Snow days…

Oh snow days… here are the things I hate about you:

You throw off my entire schedule.

You use up my vacation days.  Since I can’t work from home with all the kids home too, I’ve been working half days.

You cause commuting delays the day after.

And I don’t even want to start with delayed openings at school. Or early dismissals.

You always happen in the beginning of the week, never the end when I could use the time to cook for Shabbos and do laundry. Instead I spent all Sunday doing laundry and putting it away, so there isn’t much to do on my snow day.

You cause people to be mean… like the time someone yelled at me for moving her garbage can so I could park my car. Lady, it’s illegal to save a spot like that and you can’t threaten me that you’ll have my car towed. No one will tow my car for being parked legally just because you don’t want me to park there.

Can you tell I’ve had enough snow days already?

How do you keep sane with all the snow??

Until next time,