Relaxing While Spending 24/7 with My Kids

Going back to work after a week long vacation is never easy and it definitely isn’t fun. I was fortunate to take off from work for the entire week of Pesach and although there were some trying moments, I got used to being a stay at home mom.

As a working mom I’m always balancing. I try to give my all to my work while I’m there, but my family still comes first. It’s one of the toughest juggling acts there is, but that is my life and it’s been good so far.

Enter vacation…

No train to catch, no rush to get anywhere on time, no work deadlines to meet… you get the picture. Even though it was tiring taking care of my kids 24/7, the reality is that I (mostly) loved it!  The part of my life that causes me the most stress was completely cut out.

Throughout Pesach I didn’t have a minute to myself.  I thought I’d never survive, but you know what? I got used to it and that made it really hard to go back to work.

My first day back started out ok, but as soon as I got to the office I felt a bit lost.

I was away for so long (it was only 1 week, but where I work that’s like a million work hours) that it felt the same way it did when I first started in the department and I was the new person. Everyone around me knew what was going on, but I felt like there was so much to catch up on.  Again, I felt lost and it was overwhelming.

I calmed myself down. I told myself that there is only so much one person can do. Everyone takes vacation and soon it’ll feel like I never left.

Wasn’t that the truth. By the end of the day it really felt like I never left.

Now that the day is over I’m relieved. Being a mom 24/7 was really great, but working isn’t so bad either. I survived my first day back and will just look forward to the next time I can play full-time mom.

How was your Pesach? Do you usually find it hard to go back to work or do you feel relieved?

Until next time,