Onion Chicken


Orange Juice (sometimes I use Tropicana’s Pineapple Orange Juice)
Garlic powder


  1. Clean chicken – can remove skin
  2. Place chicken in tin and sprinkle garlic powder and paprika over chicken.
  3. Cut up the onions in quarters or rings (or both), place on top of chicken
  4. In a measuring cup measure equal parts of honey and orange juice (put in honey first). Mix until the honey is part of the juice and pour on top of chicken. (I usually start with ½ cup of each and then if I think I need more I make more)
  5. Pour mixture over onions and chicken.
  6. At this point you can pop it into the oven or marinate over night
  7. Cook covered in the oven on 375° for 1 ½ hours. For the last 20-30 minutes, cook uncovered so the onions get a nice color.

Until next time,