Mommy vs. Daycare- Saying “No”

DS2 just had his first birthday. He takes a few steps by himself, but walking is not yet his preference. Daycare would like to move him up to the next class starting in January, but would like to transition him throughout December, so yesterday I received a note stating that “since DS2 is now walking, he needs shoes for December.” December begins tomorrow.

I don’t mind him moving up to the next class. I think he’d like it. What I do mind is that daycare insists that he NEEDS shoes, when he barely walks. To me, when you say a baby is walking, that means that he can walk from one side of the room to the other. It means that when you put him down, he can stand and then walk somewhere. It means that his preferential mode of “traveling” is walking. Taking a few steps here and there is great, but it doesn’t mean he’s walking.

What I want to understand is this: at what point can a parent say “no, I am the parent and I get to decide when my son is ready for shoes”?

I know that it is my right to say whatever I feel, but I probably won’t, because I need daycare. What would I do if this disagreement ends with, “he will not be able to come back until he has shoes?” Am I willing to take the chance?

Not really.

I guess what bothers me the most is that part of being a mommy is recognizing your child’s needs. When DS2 needs shoes, I will be more than happy to take him to the shoe store and spend a small fortune on him. But, by daycare telling me that he needs shoes before I feel he is ready for them is overstepping.

So for now, I’m not sure how this saga will end. I’ve already reached out to my pediatrician to get his thought on the matter. Then we will give daycare a call and try to come to a mutual agreement… because that is what we do. We work full-time and have to compromise even when we don’t want to.

Until next time,