7 Questions You Should Never Ask A Working Mother – ABC News

I never really made a choice to be a working mom, it kinda just happened. When I was pregnant with DS1, I couldn’t imagine just quitting my job and staying home. We needed my salary and I figured that it would be ok to work, since a baby doesn’t do much all day. Did it really matter who changed his diapers?

When people learned of my intentions to continue working I got all sorts of reactions. Most of them were along the lines of, “don’t you want to bond with your baby?” I didn’t know how to respond to these types of questions, so I just smiled and nodded. What did these people expect me to say??

7 Questions You Should Never Ask A Working Mother – ABC News sums it up pretty well. I’m willing to bet that you’ve been asked one or more of these questions. I know I have and they left me doubting all the decisions I’ve been making for my children so far, even if the questions weren’t meant to insult me.

For now I will just continue to nod and smile. At least this way they will think that I really can handle it all. Then I will run home, cry and tell myself that I am still a good mother even if I can’t do it all. And then I will probably blog about the nerve of this person and the questions they ask.

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