Thankful for Spending Time with Family

Long weekends don’t happen too often, but they are among the few times where I actually feel like, hey, maybe I am a good mommy after all. I am completely in charge of my kids’ daily schedule and activities. I can teach them new things, sing songs and join them for meals. We can talk, run, play and do whatever we want together. They know I’m their mommy and we all feel connected as a family.

So, after a long weekend off, it was hard thinking about leaving them at daycare again. DS2 has become especially attached to me (which is secretly heartwarming for me as a working mom), so I was especially concerned about his reaction to me walking away from him. DS1 also voiced his concern that he didn’t want to go to school because he would miss me (also secretly heartwarming).

In the end, our Monday began just like every other Monday. DS2 cried when I left him and DS1 walked into his classroom excited to be there. Returning to our regular routine was (sadly) easier than I thought it would be.

Until next time,