Laundry- The Never Ending Task

Want to know how I keep the laundry piles from growing?  Here’s my “system”- in pictures:
dirty laundry goes into one of five places

Unfortunately, folded laundry has become a luxury in my house. One that we can only enjoy on special occasions, like long weekends.  So, sorting my clean laundry as it comes out of the dryer, saves me time finding what we need every morning.  It also makes it easier to sort the clothing as I fold them… when I have time to do that.  This might not be the best system, but it’s what works for me!

What laundry system do you have?  Any recommendations to improve mine?

Until next time,

  • After struggling for a while with 4 small kids and all the laundry that comes with them, I finally found a system that works for me:

    You could just have people take it from their baskets if that’s easier–I have heard of a “family closet” in the laundry room. Laundry is done, sorted into baskets (folded or not) and hung, and then just stays there. Everyone goes and gets their outfit for the next day at night, and then you don’t have to lug the clean laundry to their rooms. That’s always a possibility for me if this stops being practical for us!

  • I love the idea of having all the baskets on shelves! So neat and orderly! Your system seems similar to mine, just folded and in more baskets at the end. If only I had the time to fold…

    Both of my kids are still too young to be responsible for their own laundry, so for now I dump their clothes together, to avoid having too many baskets around… DH doesn’t like all the clutter… I’m assuming that once my boys get older, this system will go through some adjustments…

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