Chicken Slow-Cooker "Dump" Recipes (links)

Two weeks ago I mentioned how hard it is for me to prepare meals for neighbors in need, but then came up with the idea of providing a raw meal that can be cooked in the slow-cooker or frozen for later. 

Commenter Amanda asked me to post a few recipes.  Since I’m not a cook by any means, I don’t have any of my own recipes to post, but found a whole bunch online.  There are so many more, but here are a few for all of us to get started:

Blogs I found with too many recipes to link to each one: 

Some specific chicken recipes I thought looked yummy:

I can’t wait to try these recipes.  They look so easy to prepare and served with some rice on the side (which can also be made in advance and frozen, by the way), you have a complete meal!

Please comment below if you’ve tried any.  I’d love your feedback!

Disclaimer:  I haven’t personally tried any of these recipes.  Recipes on blogs may not all be kosher.  Use your own discretion.

Until next time,