No More Late Night Hours

Working full time definitely makes it harder to get things done. Last week, while driving home from the train station after work, I noticed that my car’s inspection sticker read “07 2012” and I freaked out. Why wasn’t I on top of this? I usually am… and I can’t believe it’s almost the end of the month already! I didn’t want to risk getting a ticket for something that could’ve been avoided, so the next day I went to the DMV’s website to see which night was the late night for car inspections (here the inspection is free if you go to the DMV). In the past I always went after work, so I just expected to come home a little later one night. To my surprise there are no more late nights! The DMV ‘s hours are now 8am-4:30pm making it impossible to go on my own time. Unbelievable.

This is only the tip of the iceberg (so to speak). There are way too many institutions (think banks, libraries, recycling centers, doctor/dentist offices, etc…) that don’t accommodate people who work. Oh how I wish I could just run out during my lunch break to take care of some of these things, but either it’s too far from work or it would take longer than my actual break time. Oh the troubles.

The way I’ve been getting around some of this is by making all of my appointments on Friday mornings- the day I work from home. Since I’m home it’s close to all these places and easy for me to just sneak out for a small amount of time. For example: two weeks ago I went to the doctor, last week was the car inspection (yay! Car passed! Phew- because if not, I’d have to find more time to have the car fixed and then go back for another inspection) and this week I’ll be going to the bank. Exciting. I know.

I don’t like using work time to do my personal things, but what option do I have? I can’t take a vacation day every time I need to do something, so instead I just work flexible hours. When I’m at home, there’s no commute and I don’t have to get all dressed up, so I sign in really early (around 7:30-8am). I also stay signed on until at least 5pm and can stay on later if necessary. My boss is ok with this and I’m pretty open about where I am and the hours I’m working.

So, I’m wondering- what do the rest of you do??

Until next time,

  • That’s a tricky one. B”H, your boss is understanding, and you have Fridays. I also have trouble getting things done, since getting out of the house w/three little ones is not always an option (can you imagine it at the DMV? The horror!). So we have to wait until my husband has an off day or a night shift. Those days get pretty busy fast, but it’s what works for us.

    • It’s too bad days off don’t happen nearly as often as we need them to 🙂

  • Seriously – are you reading my mind? I talk about this issue with my husband all. the. time. Especially things like the plumber or pest control – when do people get these kinds of home maintenance stuff done? When those guys come, my husband basically takes a half-day (or however long it takes) to be with the person to make sure it’s all done right. What do other people do? And if I want to go to the grocery store after work, wow, I have to be super efficient to make sure I get home in time to let the nanny go home!

    • lol- can’t believe I totally forgot to mention the plumber! They never give an exact time and you can be sitting home all day waiting!

  • This is my life! It’s so hard to fit in the things that are only during working hours. I feel like I have to beg to get the very last appointment of the day at the doctor’s office so I don’t have to miss work (or just leave a smidge early).

    I wrote a nice rant about the Social Security Administration last summer when I was changing my name. They are open 9-4, M-F. Hello, I work during those hours. You know, paying INTO the SSA system.

    • lol about the SS office… I guess we should be glad we don’t have to pay more for evening hours…

  • Yes! I very much relate! I live in Israel and a lot of offices are open erratic hours like 8:30-2 and 2-4 another day. I commute by bus and don’t have a car so it’s not easy for me to take a detour on my way to work if I come in late one day. Additionally the only day off that isn’t Yom Tov is Yom Haatzmaut! I miss Martin Luther King Day, Memorial Day, etc. While the banks were closed it was a good day to get other stuff done or relax!!

    • Oh my! I guess I should stop complaining… I never thought about what it was like to not have a car and to only have off for yom tov. I’d love to hear more about how you get things done!