Shabbos Menu Plan: P’ Lech L’cha (Oct 26-27)

This past Sunday we took the kids to a local farm and were able to pick a whole slew of fruit and veggies.  Some of the produce was out of season, so we came home with an abundance of apples and green peppers… therefore, we’re having pepper steak!
Here’s what else we’re having:
Friday Night:
  • Chicken soup and matza balls
  • Pepper steak (from “Quick and Kosher”)
  • Rice
  • Zucchini kugel (freezer)
Shabbos Lunch:
Lately I’ve just been so in the mood for chicken soup, that we’re having it again.  I’m even making it myself this time!  Hope it comes out as good as when DH makes it.  I’ll try to post the potato knish kugel recipe, but this is the first time I froze it, so I’m waiting to see the results.  I’ll keep you updated.
I’m hoping that this Shabbos will be restful- the calm before the storm… literally.  It’s been a long week and I’m ready for some quiet reading time on the couch!

Until next time,