Shabbos Menu Plan: P’ Bo (Jan 18-Jan 19)

This Shabbos will be our first one home since the birth of DS3.  I’m excited to finally be home, but nervous to be all on our own with three small kids.  In order to calm myself down I’ve been setting my expectations for the weekend:

  1. Kids will be off schedule- go to sleep later than usual, wake up earlier than usual and may not take naps.  We might not even get dressed.
  2. Food will be super simple (not that different from our usual Shabbos meals, but will include more store-bought food)
  3. No time for myself.  That will have to wait until Monday when kids are back at school.
  4. Baby will need to eat as soon as I am ready to eat my own meal, my head hits the pillow or another kid urgently needs my help.

What makes me most nervous is to be home alone with all the kids while DH is in Shul.  My plan is to keep the kids moving from one activity to another.  For example, as soon as they get bored of the Legos upstairs, we will move to the MagnaTiles in the living room.  Then onto the toys in the den.  We will just keep moving from toy to toy and from room to room.  In the past this plan has worked on a smaller scale, so I’m hoping that I recognize the signs of boredom before it becomes too challenging to move to the next room or activity.

My neighbors have been amazing and offered to cook meals for us, but I declined.  We are used to simple food and I really would prefer to just plan for ourselves.  I am also lucky that my mom brought us some food for Shabbos, so there is less I have to make/buy.  Here’s the menu:

Friday Night:

  • Chicken soup and matza balls (freezer, but not sure yet if we’ll have it)
  • Sesame chicken (trying this new recipe from my friend… I’ll post if it’s good and easy) 
  • Zucchini kugel (freezer)
  • Rice

Shabbos Lunch:

  • Chicken cutlets (from Mom)
  • Kasha varnishkas (from Mom) 
  • Vegetable kugel (freezer)

Not sure what else we’ll add onto the menu, but I think for now this is enough food for us.  Hoping this Shabbos goes well so I’ll be more relaxed for the next one!

Wish us luck!!

Until next time,