Toys Flying Everywhere

Before I had kids I always used to wonder why houses had so many toys.  Why did they need so many?  Why did they buy all of them?  Surely my house would never be like that! 

Lol, that was quite a few years ago and since then I’ve started to see that toys reproduce by themselves and you really don’t have as much control over them as you had hoped. 

DH and I decided we had to keep the toy mess contained, so we bought a 4×4 Expedit with bins from Ikea for our den.  I love how it keeps our toys, books and other random items all in one place, while looking really neat.  So far it’s been working great, but I’ve had a change of heart as to where we’re going to keep the toys.

DS1 wakes up waaayyyy before most of the world does and it’s hard keeping him occupied at that early hour so that the rest of us can get more sleep.  He’s too young to wonder around downstairs on his own, so I now keep some “special” toys in his room to keep him occupied.  We don’t spend too much time in DS1’s room during the day, so these toys really are reserved for these early mornings.  We have some puzzles and a set of Lego and a few other random toys he enjoys playing with.

Originally I didn’t like the idea of keeping toys in different places in the house, but it’s been working out great!  These  toys have been a lifesaver!  Both boys play so nicely together (most of the time) that I’m surprised I didn’t think of this sooner.  Sometimes it does get a little loud from all the banging of the Legos, but I don’t mind it.  It’s better than waking up at 6am… especially on the weekends!

Where do you keep all of your toys?  How do you keep your little ones occupied in the morning so you can get some more sleep?

Until next time,