A Sitemap For My Mobile Users

Recently a freind of mine asked me to send her a bunch of KOAMC and recipe links from my blog.  I have all the links in the right sidebar so I couldn’t understand why she couldn’t find them herself.  Of course I sent them to her, but now, as a new smartphone user, I realize why she couldn’t find them.

You see, my friend, like me, works full time and does a lot of her blog reading and menu planning on her smartphone during her long commute.  If you’re looking at this blog on your phone, there is a more compact mobile layout that is displayed and it doesn’t include any of the stuff in the sidebar.  It makes it easier to read, but no wonder why she couldn’t find any of the links!

Now that I’ve been using my phone more and more, I began to realize how hard it can be to navigate my own blog.  For example, a few weeks ago I needed to make butternut squash kugel for Shabbos, but couldn’t find the recipe.  I knew it was on my blog, so took my phone in the kitchen to look it up, but it took way too long to click through all the buttons to find it.  ANNOYING!

So, to prevent this huge inconvenience from happening again, I made a sitemap that you can access from the menu bar.  It’s basically a duplicate of the list of categories in the sidebar.  So far, it’s made a world of difference for me and I hope it’s helpful for you too!

Until next time,