Correction For a Poor Picture Choice

I’m posting now because of the picture I used in my previous post.  I don’t want that to be the first thing you see when you come to my site!  Poor picture choice. 
So, now for all of you that returned to work after a nice long weekend (like I did), I’m sending you a smiley. 
Countdown to next legal holiday:  14 days.

Until next time,

  • This kind of reminds me of the time I debated using a photo of a baby’s diapered bottom for a news story related to diapers. This was at work, and I’m glad I didn’t try. (In my defense, it was a cute purple diaper.)

    Don’t think the toilet training photo was offensive, but the smiley always works.

  • lol, thanks for sharing! I know the photo wasn’t offensive, I just felt it wasn’t something I wanted to look at!