Welcome to WordPress


Mission Move Blog to WordPress= COMPLETE!  Well, sort of.  While my super awesome and very busy tech guy (aka: my husband) was able to redirect my site, I haven’t updated everything I need to yet.  So, please bear with me!

While you enjoy my new template (I know, it’s the third change in one year) there may be some links that do not yet work.  Please feel free to contact me or comment if you find any and I will correct it asap.

Most of the changes I made were minor (except the new logo).  The top menu is a bit different, but I hope you’ll find it easier to navigate.

Some of the features I made sure to keep include:

  1. the responsive design- the website should look the same whether you’re using a computer, tablet or phone.  Because of this, I got rid of the sitemap page I previously had.
  2. automated recipe index– every time I post a recipe, it will automatically be added to the list.

If you subscribe via email, please make sure you continue receiving them.  If you noticed you haven’t been, please re-subscribe.

With the migration behind me, I hope to post more often!

Until next time,