Freezer Cooking Printables – Planner, Prep List and Labels

Freezer cooking is one of those things that everyone can do.  You can do an entire cooking day, spend an hour on it or just double a recipe.

Jill at The Shaatra Club is having a November challenge for filling your freezer and I was lucky enough to be included!  So far, I’ve cooked and frozen 3 batches of turkey and bean chili, meatballs and cabbage, and chicken soup.  My plan is to also have some vegetable soup and some broccoli kugels in the freezer by the end of the month.

Jill has made some beautiful printables to help with your freezer cooking.  Click on the images below to get them.


Unfamiliar with freezer cooking?  Read through my my freezer cooking page and make sure to read my series on planning your cooking day.

What have you cooked for the freezer lately?

Until next time,

  • I’ve started filling the freezer with extra chili and meat sauce along with some breakfast muffins and cookies. It’s such a pleasure to know I’m prepared and won’t need to make dinner for a few nights next month!