Tidy Your House for Guests – Fast and Easy!

I’m so lucky that I have a cleaning service come to my house every other week.

At first, I was so reluctant to have them come. I didn’t want people in my house, touching my stuff, doing something I was completely capable of doing myself.

We started with our cleaning service right after DS2 was born. They were amazing, but a few weeks later they raised the price. It was only by $5, but I didn’t want to pay it, so we cancelled the service.

Around a month after I returned to work, I realized how busy I was with the 2 kids I had at the time, and how little we were able to clean. Our house needed to be cleaned badly, but we were too tired to spend our entire weekend doing it. It was at that point when we called back the cleaning service. They’ve been with us ever since.

Did I mention how wonderful they are? They truly know how to clean, it’s just too bad that we don’t have them come more often.

Our cleaning service does a great job, but our house does not stay the way the cleaners left it. With 3 little boys, you probably won’t be surprised to hear that by the evening our floors are filled with crumbs and the toothbrushes aren’t in their holder.

With Purim on its way, I thought it would be a good time to share this video with you (watch below or click here). Some of you may be hosting your seuda, while others of you may just have random people stopping by.  Either way, I loved this quick and easy house cleaning plan to help make any house guest-ready in no time!

Until next time,