3 Ways to Find Time to Pamper Yourself and How to Do It

As a mom I try to always put my husband and children before myself.  At first it was easy, but then after a while I stopped feeling like myself.  I was doing things for everyone else and never had time for the things I wanted to do.  It felt selfish to make time for myself until I learned that it was vital to being a good mom/wife.  So the challenge was- how do I find time for myself?

3 Ways to Find Time to Pamper Yourself

I did a bit of reasearch and some reading and finally came up with 3 ways to find time for myself.

(1) Utilize Fringe Hours

I recently read Fringe Hours by Jessica Turner (read my review).  It forced me to look at those little pockets of time that are usually wasted and come up with better ways to use them.  For example:

Making use of my fringe hours frees up all the time in the evenings when I would have done these things.

(2) Get Help/Outsource

Accepting help is something all working moms need to do.  Whether it’s getting cleaning help, ordering groceries online, or buying take-out, these all save YOU time.  Accept help when offered and ask for help when needed.  If you have an hour in the evening, would you rather clean your kitchen or have “me” time?  I don’t think we need to answer that one.

(3) Schedule time

Finding time is so much easier when you plan for it.  When you make arrangements in advance, you’re less likely to cancel and you are likely to be more organized because you’re motivated and have incentive.  Scheduled time can be for whatever you want- whether it’s going out with friends, sitting in bed watching a movie, taking a long bath or getting a massage.  The possibilities are endless.

How to Pamper Yourself

Everyone likes to be pampered in different ways, so I figured, with Chanuka coming, I would share some of my favorites.

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#1: Ipsy 

I recently treated myself to an Ipsy subscription.  Basically you pay a fee each month (or once a year) to receive 5 random makeup products based on your profile.  I got my first bag in April and have been loving it.  By getting new products I’ve forced myself to find time to enjoy them.  One of my favorites has been face masks – something I would probably never buy, but since I have them, I use them.  Late at night, after the kids are in bed I put on a mask, rest in bed and enjoy the quiet – or a YouTube video.

#2:  Books/Magazines

Buy yourself something they don’t have in the library or if that’s not an option, spend the time researching a new book that your library has.

#3:  Bath bombs 

Related to #1, I’ve always wanted to try these, but never have.  You throw one of these balls in your bath and it’s supposed to make for a better experience.  Let me know if you’ve tried these!

#4:  Class at Michael’s

Did you know the craft store Michael’s offers classes?  Many of them are free/low cost.  I definitely have this on my wishlist!

#5:  Your  Hobbies

Remember those things you used to do in your spare time before kids?  Do those!

We can’t buy all of these things at once, but with Chanuka coming up we can suggest these things to whoever is buying the gifts!

Below are more ideas on how I make time for myself, what I enjoy doing and how I’ve found finding time challenging:

How do you pamper yourself?

Until next time,