How Smart Is a Smart Phone?

Sometimes I wish I was one of those really current, up to date people. But I’m not. I’m one of the only ones in my department at work without a smart phone. The only other people without one are like 40+. Even my mom has an iPhone. So it makes me mad whenever I come across articles like, 25 Best Apps for Working Moms. I secretly wish I had a smart phone so I can be over-organized, but in the end I don’t think the price is worth it.

This year in order to keep organized I went back to pen and paper. I feel like I’m living in the olden days, but I love it! I tried keeping lists on my phone, but it never worked. I hate typing on that teeny tiny keyboard. It’s faster for me to just write it down, so I invested in a planner. No planner is perfect, but I knew I needed one with a Jewish calendar. In the past I’ve scheduled appointments on Yom Tov and didn’t really want that sort of thing to happen, since it’s such a pain to reschedule.
I did some research and found the Balabusta’s Daily Organizer for $14.99 at my local Judaica store. I bought it and have been using it since September. I think the layout is really awesome, but wish that it had a hard cover or that I could transfer it into a binder-like organizer.

I’m not getting paid for this review… I just really like this organizer!  This is what I use it for:

  • appointments
  • shopping lists (I just cut the shoppimg list right off and give it to DH)
  • daily, weekly and monthly to-do lists
  • reminders
  • phone numbers
  • monthly calendar
  • menu planning

It’s not as small as a smart phone and I can’t sync it with DH’s calendar, but it definitely works for me!  Plus, I already hung up our recurring daily routine for DH to see!

How do you keep organized?

Until next time,