I Have to Make Dinner Too?

Now that my kids don’t eat dinner at daycare anymore, I have another thing to add to my “to do” list. They need to eat as soon as we walk in the door, which means that dinner has to be made the night before. So far, I’ve made sandwiches, pasta and nuggets. Not the most nutritious, but it could be worse.

I’m looking for more ideas and was thinking of putting together a dairy, kid-friendly KOAMC mini-plan. I also want to utilize my crock-pot and maybe even invest in a dairy one if I need to. We don’t eat much beef/chicken during the week (except for Shabbos leftovers) and I’d like to keep dinners more budget friendly, so I’m still researching recipes and ideas.

Until now I haven’t been serving any side-dishes (does ketchup count?), so I was thinking that I can just make steamed veggies for them.  Ideally, in my pretend perfect world, I’d love to buy each kid a plate with sections and have a food in each section.  How cool would it be if we got home and I pulled out this awesome, well thought-out dinner that was already made and plated??

Well, right now, my plated dinner idea sounds like a fantasy.  I’m going to work on the dinner part first and then maybe add in the fancy plates later.

What do you serve your kids for dinner?  How do you have it ready to eat as soon as you walk in the door?

Until next time,

  • Moishy usually eats very kid friendly food- its not the healthiest, but its not too unhealthy either. He eats turkey, morningstar farms chicken nuggets, frozen pizza. He usually has cut up cucumbers and apples too. Your kids eat balanced food the rest of the day and on shabbos. As long as they get something from every food group everyday I think they will be ok!

  • I would chop and prep a bunch of veggies and fruit to have ready, and then plan it out. Things like pasta (something like lasagna or baked ziti can be frozen), soup, pizza roll ups, etc. Depends on what they like.

    Or maybe you can pack them a dinner like you would lunch and just let them eat on the way home – or get their bag right when you walk in? There are tons of lunch ideas out there.

  • There are lots of great ideas at http://thefrugalima.blogspot.com/. We made the lentil soup for dinner tonight, and it cooked ALL DAY LONG while we were at work.

  • Cut up veggies- why didn’t I think of that? So simple and so yummy. My boys love tomatoes and I bet they’d like cucumbers too.

    I know there are tons of dinner ideas out there- I just have to find the time to search through them!

  • Check out weelicious.com for some great ideas. Personally I keep it super simple. French toast ww bread, drumsticks, eggs, meatballs etc.

  • oooh, I know! I love that site. Everyone’s ideas are great… now all I need is more time to implement!