Shabbos Menu: Vaeschanan (July 19-20)

This week marks the end of the first half of summer.  How can it be half-way over already?  Interesting to note that the only way I know this is because DS1 is in camp.  It used to be that we never knew the difference between seasons, so yay for us that we have now joined the rest of the world!

Now that the 9 days are over I was looking forward to taking out our pool again this Sunday.  It’s been so hot here!  As soon as I step outside I almost always wish I didn’t have to.  We’ll have to wait and see what the weather’s like.

Even though Shabbos starts late, I still feel like it’s a short day.  Guess there’s never really enough time to get everything done!  With that in mind, I planned a simple menu (again).  Here’s what we’re having:

Friday night:

Shabbos lunch:

For dessert I bought watermelon and ice-pops!

How are you keeping cool this Shabbos?

Until next time,