Guest Post: Connecting to Hashem to Get Some Sleep


A few weeks ago I posted about how sleep deprived I was.  With all the hustle and bustle of every day life, it’s so easy to forget that Hashem is the One pulling all the strings.  Luckily I have some really awesome readers to remind me.  Reader Yiska, from Israel, wrote me the most beautiful comment on how she avoids sleep deprivation by focusing on her relationship with Hashem.  With her permission, I am posting it for all of you.borderIn response to Sleep Deprivation As Only a Mother Knows:

Thank you so much for this post! Just the validation I need right now! I don’t come on so often (no time!) but I have come across your website and it’s great and much appreciated.

Re: how to alleviate sleep deprivation: Here is something I did when I was engaged, working like crazy in a new job, and having errands all over the city (no car, this is the Holy City we’re talking about here). Now I use it as the pregnant working mother of an active toddler, Baruch Hashem, and it helps me so much!

Step 1: In bed, before falling asleep (or whenever close to bed works for you), shut out everything and focus on just you and Hashem being there together. No one and nothing else.

Step 2: Bitachon time. Remember that Hashem can do ANYTHING. He can make the world out of nothing, He can make a human life inside of you, He can make money come when you don’t understand how, and He can make vinegar burn as well as oil (sorry I don’t have the chazal source for this!). Also remember how much He loves you, what amazing kadosh work YOU are doing, and how much He wants to do ANYTHING for you too – that means 4 hours of sleep being just as restful as 6 or 8. No overt miracles here, just chesed from Above. (Steps 1 and 2 become more natural with practice, by the way).

Step 3: “Thank you, Hashem, for getting me through today. Please give me a good night’s sleep and please help me get through the day tomorrow.” Imagine your short sleep as more concentrated and powerful than your super-duper laundry detergent, and let yourself fall asleep.

Step 4: In the morning, right after modeh ani and before getting out of bed: Remember your laundry detergent sleep. “Thank you, Hashem, for giving me a good night’s sleep. Please help me get through the day today (feel free to enumerate specific challenges you anticipate).” Do this even if you wake up with a tired headache. Remember that Hashem gave you as much rest as you need, regardless of how many hours you slept. and He gives you whatever energy you will need for the day because you have been entrusted with a special job (or 800) that only you can do.

Step 5: Go get ‘em!!

I hope this is helpful – it makes me see that I have a partner in my sleep itself and is a day-to-day reminder of how much Hashem does for me. B’Harzlacha!!

borderThank you Yiska for your words of encouragement!

Until next time,