Pesach Prep is Underway!

Now that Purim has passed, it’s time to move on to Pesach prep.  I took a look at the list I made last year and remembered that even though we went away for all eight days, there was still plenty that had to be done.

Aside from shopping and cleaning there was the never ending packing.  Packing your family up for eight days is much easier with a list, so check out my re-vamped super comprehensive Packing List.  Before each Shabbos/Yom Tov that we go away I print out this list and check each item off as I put it in our suitcase.  It works so well that since I’ve been using the list I’ve only forgotten things that weren’t on the list! 

For those who stay home for Pesach, check out Organized Jewish Home’s Six Weeks to Pesach plan. Even though there are less than six weeks to Pesach, you can still catch-up!  I read the plan last year and thought it was amazing for a busy, working mom.

Have you started preparing for Pesach?

Until next time,

  • Have I started preparing? Only mentally. We’re planning to make our cleaning/cooking schedule within a week, though. With us, it’s always about the schedules — the more detailed, the better. At least we’re both this way. 🙂

  • Luckily we don’t need to cook much, but the cleaning..oi, it’s a good thing we started or else we’d never be ready even for pessach 2014.