Menu Planning with Evernote Templates

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I did it guys! I finally found an easy way to menu plan in a digital way. I know in the past I’ve made printables and have used them, but in a digital age when I’m not always home with my paper I wanted to find a better way to plan.  Especially now that school is starting- I want to be prepared for everything!

I haven’t really found any menu planning apps I like (I still miss you Ziplist!) So I’ve created my own digital menu planning Evernote template.

shabbos menu plan - evernote screen shot

sample of my Evernote Shabbos Menu and to-do list

I’ve been an Evernote user for a few years now, but I’ve really only used it to store random pieces of info. I much prefer Google Docs to store family related documents and use Google Keep for basic lists.

What’s So Great About Evernote Templates

What I like about Evernote is that they’ve updated their app since I reviewed it for my tAPPing into Tech series. Their list making capabilities have improved, notes are easy to share and you can format notes to make them look as nice as a printable. You can also print them out before Shabbos or Yom Tov so you have access to your menu plan when you need it.

5 reasons why Evernote menu planning is great:

  1. You can access it from anywhere- phone, computer, home, work, etc…
  2. Easy to share, email and collaborate with others
  3. One place to view menu, shopping list, to do list
  4. Printable
  5. Easy to mark items complete with check boxes

How To Use the Evernote Templates

For your convenience, I’ve created 2 templates.  One is simply a Shabbos menu planner, as seen in the picture above.  The second is a weekly planner that is in a similar format, but lists every day of the week and has columns for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

To use the templates:

  1. Click on the link for the template you want to use
    1. Shabbos Menu
    2. Weekly Menu
  2. Click “View in Evernote” in the top right corner

weekly menu plan in evernote

Now you’re ready to use the template and customize it for your own needs.  A copy will be saved to your Evernote account, so don’t worry about anyone else seeing it – unless you share it with them.  It’s really that easy!

Stay tuned for the Rosh Hashana template- coming soon!

What apps do you use to menu plan?

Until next time,