Pictures at Work

Do you have pictures of your kids/family at work?

The other day I was looking at my desk and noticed I don’t really have anything personal on it.  No pictures, chatchkes (not sure of the spelling on that one), or anything that really says anything about me.

I know that I don’t really have any great family pictures to display, but I do have pictures I could frame and bring into work.  And even though my department keeps moving locations and my personal space keeps shrinking with every move, pictures aren’t big enough to really make a difference.

I think that deep down part of why I don’t display family pictures is because I feel that pictures of loved ones are personal; too personal to share with my co-workers.

I think that all this would be different if I worked in a frum environment.  I don’t think I would need to set such strict boundaries for myself.  It’s hard being the only frum person at work.

So, what do you think?  Do you display pictures of your kids/family at work?  Why or why not?

Until next time,