We’re Not In Kansas Anymore

This past Shabbos and Sunday was Rosh Chodesh Elul. Gosh, life changes when you’re not in school anymore! I don’t have a teacher standing in front of me everyday to remind what a special time of year this is. And believe it or not, I miss that. Ok, I don’t ever want to go back to high school, but there’s really something motivating about being in a religious environment where you can work on being a better person together with others.

Now, I’m the lone Jew everyday.  I have to make resolutions, follow-through with them and keep up with the pertinent halachos of the upcoming holidays all on my own. It’s waaayyy harder than it sounds. The day-to-day rush just takes over and everything else is usually pushed off until I light the candles on Rosh Hashana night.

I’m hoping that over time these things will change- maybe when I start making yom tov at home or even once DS1 starts yeshiva (in 2 weeks!). It’s no fun feeling unprepared, so this year, I really want to try and make a real effort to be on top of what’s going on.

How do you stay on top of the upcoming Jewish holidays?  Can you recommend resources online that review the basic halachos of each holiday or send out a holiday reminder?

Until next time,

  • I also find it difficult to stay on top of the holidays, since the days all kind of blend together. A few things that have helped are just remembering to look at the calendar, and circle Rosh Chodesh with a colored marker. Also, I try to listen to some shiurim while I’m doing housework, either on the phone or online. And, if I’m really on top of it, I’ll read about upcoming holidays in the Book of our Heritage on Shabbos (but, honestly, it’s usually only after I’ve read Binah, Mishpacha and Family First!).

    Aish.com or Chabad.org are both great resources, and my friend has a great Simonim Card for Rosh Hashana here https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Squared-Designs/342465319176957

    Hatzlacha rabah!

    • Thanks for the recommendation for reading Book of Our Heritage, but agree that there isn’t much time after reading Binah! Gosh, I wish I would’ve had the link to the simanim card last year… I made laminated cards so we can re-use them every year- mainly so we can wipe off the honey. Gotta start looking for them!

  • I have posts on pretty much everything, including the things you need to buy / make / order to do the mitzvot related to the holidays. (And you can sign up for e-mails, too).

    But I’m always looking for more resources because different things work for different people.

    Hope your preparations go smoothly!

    • I love your blog! And I always keep it in mind when preparing for yom tov. When the day comes that I make Pesach in my own home, I plan on following your weekly steps to a smooth yom tov!