Purim 2013- Our Shalach Manos

I was never really into themed Shalach Manos until I realized how easy it could be.  You don’t have to do anything elaborate and your theme can include only two items if you want it to.

Since we’ve been married, DH has been dying to give out Diet Coke and Mentos as our theme.  (Sidenote for those who don’t know:  dropping Mentos into Diet Coke causes an eruption)  As a fan of Mythbusters, I wanted to do it also, we just never actually did… until now.  With DH’s help and some creativity, we pulled it off this year!

consider this your virtual shalach manos from me

The card said, “Hope you GEYSER having a BLAST this Purim!”  On the side of the bottle we included step by step instructions on how to perform the experiment.  DH even included a custom QR code which had links to explain the experiment and why it works and also included this video:

Of course Purim wouldn’t have been complete without trying it out, so towards the end of our seuda everyone went outside and watched the Coke explode.  It was pretty cool!

What interesting themes did you come across this Purim?

Until next time,