Embracing the 2014 Holiday Season

holidayseasonThe holiday season is all around us.  My office building lobby looks like Christmas threw up.  Trees, lights, and tinsel are EVERYWHERE!

In the past I didn’t mind it as much, because we have Chanuka, so getting into the ‘holiday spirit’ was in line with my religion too.  But this year, Chanuka has come and gone and the lobby’s menorah has been cast off to the side.  So, where does that leave me?

I think that this holiday season is a great opportunity for me.

All around me people are working on their new year’s resolutions.  They’re coming up with ways to be better people.  They want to accomplish more in their religious, personal and professional lives.  I already made my new year’s resolution back in Tishrei, but what better reminder is there to work on it?  Encouragement for personal growth can come from anywhere at any time!

So, I’m choosing to embrace this holiday season and use it to make me a better person.  Who’s with me?

Until next time,

  • That’s a great attitude! I try to take the best of what this season has to offer too even though it’s separate from our Jewish “holiday season” in the fall.