Pesach Chore Checklist – Free Printable!

Pesach is coming!  Every year we have a ton of people spending a lot of time in a small amount of space.  Messes accumulate and no one wants to clean.  Everyone is tired and expects the other person to help.  Sound familiar?

This year we decided to make a few printables to get us through this very family oriented time.  We’re hoping that if everyone is assigned one-two jobs each day, the meal prep and cleaning will run a lot more smoothly without any one person feeling like “I always do everything.”

Click here for your Pesach Chore Checklist.

Now let me show you the checklists included.

Here is the first page of the checklist. You can customize it however you’d like.

Pesach Chore Checklist_Page_1These are the jobs we’ve included in our family’s before/after meal chore chart.

Before Meal:

  • Set table
  • Make salads
  • Set up candles
  • Clean up toys in den/living room
  • Refill ice and drinks

After Meal:

  • Sweep dining room floor
  • Sweep kitchen floor
  • Put new plastic tablecloth on dining room table
  • Push in chairs (kitchen and dining room)
  • Put recycling in bins
  • Clean off table
  • Bring out garbage
  • Wash dishes
  • Put clean dishes away
  • Bring food to downstairs fridge

The printable comes with a page to add names. We will cut these out and use velcro or tape to secure them next to the job each person is assigned to.
Pesach Chore Checklist_Page_3

The last page of this printable was requested by one of my family members.  She wanted to have a nice sign to remind everyone to be on their best behavior.

Pesach Chore Checklist_Page_2

And there you have it.  Our chore chart.  I hope it will make your Pesach more manageable.  Click here for your Pesach Chore Checklist.

How are the chores divided in your house?  Does everyone pitch in?  What chores would you add to the list?

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