Time Saving Hacks for Working Moms

Over the years I’ve had some frustrating days…. there never seemed to be enough time to do what needed to get done.  Even the simplest task had the power to completely overwhelm me.

As a result, I’ve been working hard to find ways to get things done within the least amount of time.  It’s a huge challenge and I haven’t always been successful, but at least I’m trying to make things better.

Below are some of my biggest time saving mom hacks.  I know I’ve shared most of these with you before, but they are still working for me, so I wanted to share them again.

(1) Freezer Cooking

I was recently talking to my friend and I mentioned the words freezer cooking… she looked at me and asked what that was.  I was in total shock!  How could she not know about this thing that has completely revolutionized the way I function?

In case you’re not familiar with it, the concept of freezer cooking literally means cooking for your freezer.   After you cook your meals you freeze them. You build up an inventory of meals for later use, so when it’s time to eat your meal is already prepared. You may need to do some simple prep steps before you eat, but the bulk of the prep has already been done.  No mess to clean and a yummy home cooked meal on your plate.

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(2) Meal Planning

In conjunction with freezer cooking comes meal planning.  On Sunday I plan what we’re having for dinner each night and make sure I have the items I need. Some people plan 2 weeks or even a month at a time, but I found that 1 week works for me.  On Sunday I know how many nights of dinner we can squeeze out of our Shabbos leftovers and then I plan the rest.

What also helps is that I have a pre-set menu for my kids.  Monday is leftovers. Tuesday is noodles. Wednesday is Morningstar burgers, chicken nuggets or fish sticks. Thursday is pizza.

For the adults the meals are a mix of leftovers, salmon, chili and take out.

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(3) Work Uniform

I simplified my wardrobe and came up with a work “uniform” that works for me.  Mine includes a solid color pencil skirt, printed top and sweater if needed.  My jewelry and makeup are simple as well.  Now each morning I choose a top and the rest of the outfit is practically decided for me.  I no longer stand in front my closet wasting time wondering what to wear.  Plus this makes shopping a whole lot easier.  Read more about my minimalist wardrobe journey here.

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(4) Self-Serve Breakfast

My mornings have been forever changed for the better.  While it’s still a challenge to get my kids out of bed and dresses, breakfast has become so simple.  My kids literally serve themselved breakfast.  They can now reach the bowls, cereal and milk.  They know how to make their own oatmeal.  And they actually do these things without me.  They even help each other when they know I’m getting dressed.  Life changing.

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(5) No-Fold Laundry

Three years after my initial post, I am still not folding laundry (for the most part).  I make sure everything has a place and then put it where it belongs.  Socks, underwear, wash cloths, pajamas are all items I do not fold.  They are thrown in bins and each child can find what they need when they need it.  I know this is not for everyone, but putting away laundry is much less stressful.  No neatly folded piles of laundry for my kids to jump on.  Know what I mean?

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I hope these 5 tips encourage you to increase efficiency in your household.  Small changes can definitely have a huge impact!

Until next time,