A Day in My Life – The Morning


I love reading what other bloggers days are like, so I figured I’d share what my mornings are like. So, here we go…

On a typical work day, we wake up a bit before 7am. I hop out of bed, run to freshen up in the bathroom before the little ones get there. I then wake the kids, get them dressed and all set up for breakfast. While they’re eating I dash upstairs to get dressed.

Once dressed (I have a very low maintenance routine) it’s back downstairs to make sure everyone is finishing their breakfast. I usually have to wipe up spilled milk (result of leaving a 2 year old to feed himself) and wash everyone up before we get our shoes and coats on. Bags are already packed so we grab those and run to the car.

On a good day, DH is around to drive DS3 to daycare and I take the older 2 boys to school. On a bad day, I’ve gotta take all 3. Those mornings are stressful!

Once everyone is dropped off I run to the train like a mad woman. That’s a bit of an exaggeration, but really I cannot miss my train. There is no choice but to be there on time. The one time I missed the train I wondered if there was even a point to going to work at all. I ended up taking a bus and only got there 10 minutes later than I normally would have, but still… I didn’t know that would be the case.

Now that I’ve been taking the train routinely, I’ve made some good friends there. We catch up and then it’s time for me to switch to my next train. If I’m lucky, I have good phone reception and can catch up on Facebook or Feedly. If not then I write a blog post or read a book. Or I just constantly check my phone for better reception.

Finally after a long commute I roll into the office.

Of course my mornings aren’t nearly as hectic when I work from home. On those mornings I sleep a few minutes later, sign into work, check my emails and then get everyone ready to go. Since I don’t have to commute I’m usually back at my computer before 9am.

Is this what you expected? How is your morning similar and/or different?

Until next time,