Time to myself? Let’s see…

A recent survey in Britain polled 3,000 mothers and they found that on average, working parents have 90 minutes a day of free time.  You can read the article here:  Free Time for Parents.
Ninety minutes sounded like a lot to me, so I decided to see if it was true.  Here’s my typical day:

6am:  DS1 wakes up, wanders from room to room, since no one else wants to get up with him.
6:30am:  DS2 wakes up, ready to eat.  That means I have to get up too.
7am:  Get out of bed.  Get ready for work. Get kids ready.  Make sure lunches are ready.
7:30am:  Out the door.  Put kids in car and off to daycare.
7:40am:  Back in car.  On my way to work.
8:30am:  Arrive at work.
Work work work. Pump. Work work work.  Lunch.  Work work work.  Pump.  Work work work.
4:50pm:  Leave work.  Rush to daycare (they charge extra if you’re late)
5:45pm:  Pick up kids from daycare.

6pm:  Home at last.  Change clothing.  Use bathroom.  Spend some time with my boys.
6:30pm:  Snack time for DS1.  Feeding time for DS2.

7pm:  Bath time.  Get ready for bed.
7:30pm:  Put DS2 to sleep.  Read books to DS1.
8pm:  Sing to DS1.  Hope he falls asleep soon.
8:30pm:  Dinner time!  Make dinner.  Make lunches.  Wash bottles.  Pack bags for tomorrow.

9:15pm:  Shower.  Don’t like going to work smelly.
9:45pm:  Get ready for bed.  Watch TV. 

Wow, so if I have nothing else to do (shabbos cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping, etc…) and go to sleep at 11:30 every night, I will have 90 minutes of “me” time!

Until next time,