Time to myself? Let’s see…

A recent survey in Britain polled 3,000 mothers and they found that on average, working parents have 90 minutes a day of free time.  You can read the article here:  Free Time for Parents.
Ninety minutes sounded like a lot to me, so I decided to see if it was true.  Here’s my typical day:

6am:  DS1 wakes up, wanders from room to room, since no one else wants to get up with him.
6:30am:  DS2 wakes up, ready to eat.  That means I have to get up too.
7am:  Get out of bed.  Get ready for work. Get kids ready.  Make sure lunches are ready.
7:30am:  Out the door.  Put kids in car and off to daycare.
7:40am:  Back in car.  On my way to work.
8:30am:  Arrive at work.
Work work work. Pump. Work work work.  Lunch.  Work work work.  Pump.  Work work work.
4:50pm:  Leave work.  Rush to daycare (they charge extra if you’re late)
5:45pm:  Pick up kids from daycare.

6pm:  Home at last.  Change clothing.  Use bathroom.  Spend some time with my boys.
6:30pm:  Snack time for DS1.  Feeding time for DS2.

7pm:  Bath time.  Get ready for bed.
7:30pm:  Put DS2 to sleep.  Read books to DS1.
8pm:  Sing to DS1.  Hope he falls asleep soon.
8:30pm:  Dinner time!  Make dinner.  Make lunches.  Wash bottles.  Pack bags for tomorrow.

9:15pm:  Shower.  Don’t like going to work smelly.
9:45pm:  Get ready for bed.  Watch TV. 

Wow, so if I have nothing else to do (shabbos cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping, etc…) and go to sleep at 11:30 every night, I will have 90 minutes of “me” time!

Until next time,

  • Yiska

    I read this when I feel overwhelmed…thank you! 🙂 (Now I’m on maternity leave but it’s still awesome in general for working mothers.)
    But do you EAT dinner? If so, when? (I am completely serious about the “if so”)

    Cyber hugs…and I would send you a gift certificate for an extra hour in the day if I could! 🙂

    • Awww, thanks! I do make sure to eat dinner at night! I usually eat around 8:30pm, after the kids are asleep so I can have some quiet time and enjoy my dinner without having to get up a million times!

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