Personal Grooming

When do all you working moms have your personal grooming done? I’m specifically curious about your hair and eye brows. I never have time for either of these things. Usually when I need something for myself I try to do it during my lunch break, but I don’t think I’d feel comfortable walking into work with a bright red face from all the waxing/threading. I wouldn’t want to even try explaining that to some of my more impulsive, non-filtered co-workers.

Hair is also an issue. I wear a shaitel to work everyday, but can never find the time to wash and set it. When I first got married I took a Wigs By You course where I learned the basics of how to do your own shaitel. For a while I’ve just been doing my shaitel by myself whenever I needed to. It’s was such a pain for me to make the time to wash it. Then it had to dry. Then I had to find more time to style it. Plus, I’m not very good at styling it, so even after I spent all the time doing it I still never really like how it looked.

So now I’m debating what takes more time/effort. Doing my shaitel myself or bringing it to someone. If I bring it to someone I have to plan in advance, coordinate drop-off and pick-up times and hope that they do a good job for all the extra $$ I’m spending.  I think in the end it might be worth it to have a really nice hair-do.

Gosh, so many problems. I hope these are the worst ones I have. I’ll just have to tell the shaitel macher to make sure the bangs on my shaitel are perfectly blown long enough to cover my over-grown eye-brows.

Until next time,