6 Ways to Make Working From Home Work for You

“When you work from home, I can tell you actually do work.”

This was one of the biggest complements I ever got and it’s actually true.  It’s so easy to slack off while working from home, but I finally got into a groove and I can usually accomplish more at home than I do in the office.

Here are some of the things I do to make working from home work for me:

1. Accomplish Something

I feel that starting my day off with a small accomplishment gives me the energy and right set of mind to continue with my work. I put in a load of laundry, do a small grocery shopping or wash the dishes. Whatever it is, I know I’ve started my day off on the right foot and I won’t spend work hours wishing I had time to do a small chore.

2. Have a Dedicated Working Space

I have a desk set up and it’s equipped with everything I need. A notebook, monitor and cable, and mouse for my laptop. I make sure to have a working pen and also keep my phone charger and headset close by. Top that off with a comfy chair and I’m ready to go.

3. Prepare Snacks and Drinks

I noticed that when I’m at work I don’t drink nearly as much as I should, so on days I work from home I prepare a pitcher of iced tea and drink it throughout the day.  It keeps me hydrated and helps me cut down on the carbs.

4. Take a Lunch Break

When I’m at work I take a lunch break, so why not at home?  I love that when I’m home I can use my time more wisely than when I’m in the office. Some activities I’ve done while “out to lunch” include taking a shower, running a short errand, folding a load of laundry, or preparing food for dinner/Shabbos.

5. Enjoy the Alone Time

I’m very introverted and need alone time. I use my work from home days to be alone, since now my kids are going to bed later and I’m trying to go to bed earlier. Every night there’s so much to do to prepare for the next day, I needed to find a new time to recharge.

6. Set Work Hours and Keep Them

I find that when I work from home it’s so easy to lose track of time and turn an 8 hour work day into a 12 hour work day. When that happens I don’t accomplish what I need to for my family and at the end of a long day I still have tons of work to do, but didn’t give myself any time to rewind. So now, at the end of my work day I shut down my computer. It signifies the end of work and the beginning of family time.

What’s your work arrangement? Do you work from home on a regular basis? What tips could you add?

Until next time,